The southern Mesopotamian kingdom ruled by Sargon of Agade and his descendants (c. 2334–2193 B.C.).


A second-millenium B.C. kingdom that stretched from modern Iraq to the Mediterranean. It was founded by the Hurrians, an ethnic group that arrived in Mesopotamia in the third millennium B.C.


The Hurrian storm god, worshiped throughout the Middle East under a variety of names.


The Hurrian earth-mother goddess, also regarded as a sun deity. She is Teshub’s bride.


The son and heir of Teshub and Hepat.


A Hittite warrior goddess, often identified with the planet Venus.

Hattushili III

A Hittite king who ruled from 1275 to 1250 B.C. He began construction of Yazilikaya.

Tudhaliya IV

Hattushili’s son and successor. He reigned from 1250 to 1220 B.C. and is depicted in a number of the reliefs at Yazilikaya.