During the span of 1,200 years, from 776 B.C. to 393 A.D., only 23 events were contested as a part of the festival at Olympia. They fall into four categories: men’s competitions (8 events), boys’ competitions (5 events), equestrian races (8 events), and specialty competitions for trumpeters and heralds (2 events). These 23 events were not introduced all at once but gradually over time. Following is a list of what events were added when, according to the Olympic Register:

Date Event
776 B.C. stadion (600-foot sprint)
724 B.C. diaulos (1,200-foot sprint)
720 B.C. dolichos (distance race of 2-3 miles)
708 B.C. wrestling, pentathlon
688 B.C. boxing
680 B.C. tethrippon (4-horse chariot race)
648 B.C. pancratium, horse race
632 B.C. stadion and wrestling for boys
628 B.C. pentathlon for boys (discontinued same year)
616 B.C. boxing for boys
520 B.C. hoplitodromos (race in armor)
500 B.C. apene (mule-cart race; discontinued 444 B.C.)
496 B.C. calpe (race for mares; discontinued 444 B.C.)
408 B.C. synoris (2-horse chariot race)
396 B.C. competitions for heralds and trumpeters
384 B.C. chariot racing for teams of 4 colts
268 B.C. chariot racing for teams of 2 colts
256 B.C. races for colts
200 B.C. pancratium for boys