Several private organizations, in addition to the Israeli Nature Reserves Authority, are involved with the preservation of nature and restoration of wildlife in Israel.

The most active private organization in Israel is the Society for the Protection of Nature in Israel (S.P.N.I.) with offices at 4 Hashfela St., Tel Aviv 66183. S.P.N.I., recipient of the 1980 Israel Medal for its many years of conservation work, invites international membership. Annual dues are $10 which entitles members to reduced entrance fees to museums, national parks and nature reserves in Israel, and to four quarterly issues of Israel—Land and Nature, the society’s English language journal.

In the United States, the Holy Land Conservation Fund, at 150 East 58th Street, New York, NY 10155, has been closely connected with the international search for Biblical animals and their return to Israel. The Fund has recently initiated an “adoption” program through which individuals and organizations can become patrons for specific animals at the Hai Bar Reserve. The costs of supplementary feed, veterinary care and other management needs for each animal in the restoration program has been determined and is reflected in the “adoption” fees for each year. “Adoption” rates run from $60 annually for a dorcas gazelle to $240 annually for an Arabian oryx. “Foster parents” receive a photograph and background information on the animal they “adopt” and are invited to tour the Hai Bar anytime they visit Israel. Additional information may be obtained from the Fund.