Aquila (an early Greek reworking of the Septuagint) (second century A.D.) watercourse (krounismo)
Symmachus (another early Greek reworking of the Septuagint) (second or third century A.D.) battlement (epalxeos)
Septuagint (Old Greek)—Codex Vaticanus (fourth century A.D.) dagger (paraxiphidi)
Targum Jonathan (an early Aramaic translation, often loose) (Talmudic era) fortress (karka’)
Vulgate (the Latin translation) (late fourth and early fifth centuries) waterpipes (fistulas)
Peshitta (an early Syriac translation) (early fifth century) shield (skr’)
Yefet ben Ely (a medieval Jewish exegete) sewer (mrz’b)
Luther’s translation (1522) shaft (Schacht)
Douay (a Catholic translation into English) (1582) gutters
King James Version (1611) gutter
Julius Wellhausen (1871) canal or, vulgarly, throat
G. Dalman (1915) penis
W. F. Albright (1922) joint (of the neck) or socket
Le P. L.-Hughes Vincent (1924) conduit (conduite)
E. L. Sukenik (1928) hook (a weapon)
Revised Standard Version (1952) water shaft
La Sainte Bible (1956) water channel (canal)
J. J. Glück (1966) conduit, figuratively: membrum virile
New English Bible (1970) grappling-iron
New International Version (1978) water shaft (or scaling hooks)
D. Barthelemy (1982) sewer
P. Kyle McCarter (1984) throat
New Jerusalem Bible (1985) tunnel
New Jewish Publication Society (1985) watter channel
Revised English Bible (1989) watershaft
New Revised Standard Version (1989) water shaft