Those interested in modern maps for teaching should write to the organizations below for lists and prices.

Overhead projector transparency maps:

Abingdon Bible Map Transparencies, Abingdon Press, 201 8th Avenue South, Nashville, Tennessee 37202

Maps of Israel:

Survey of Israel, Department of Surveys, P.O. Box 14171, Tel Aviv, Israel

Maps of Jordan:

Land and Surveys Department, Jebel Weibdeh, Amman, Jordan

Maps of the Arabian Peninsula:

Distribution Section, Publications Department, Directorate General of Mineral Resources, Ministry of Petroleum, Box 345, Jiddah, Saudi Arabia

Maps and pilotage charts of the Mediterranean and Middle East:

Distribution Division, National Ocean Service, Riverdale, Maryland 20737

Satellite color transparencies:

Eros Data Center, Sioux Falls, South Dakota 57198

Color slide transparencies of relief maps of Bible lands:

Jerusalem Center for Biblical Studies, Box 19991, Jerusalem, Israel

Aerial color slide transparencies of Bible lands and satellite maps (1 meter by 2 meters) of the Middle East:

Pictorial Archive, The Old School, Box 19823, Jerusalem, Israel