Psalm 43:2 states, “Why do I go about mourning, under the oppression of the enemy.” [Has not God saved me in the past and does he not tell me now]—Did I not send you redemption (in Egypt), as it is said: “Please send Moses, his servant, Aaron whom He chose” [Psalm 105:26]. Please send us another two as their counterparts, as the next verse in Psalm 43:3 says: “Send ‘your Light’ and ‘your Truth’; they will lead me.” God informed them: I will send you salvation again. And so Scripture says, “Behold I will send you Elijah the Prophet!” [Malachi 3:23]. So now one has been named. The second one is “Yea my servant, I shall take hold of him, my chosen one [in whom I delight]” [Isaiah 42:1]. This is the interpretation of the words of Psalm 43:3: “Send ‘your Light’ and ‘your Truth’ they will lead me; they will bring me to your holy mountain and to your tents.”