A prayer of Moses, the man of God.

1. a Lord, You have been our dwelling place

b in every generation.

2. a Before the mountains were brought forth,

b or even before You formed the earth and the world,

3. a From everlasting to everlasting

b You are God.


4. a You turn man back to dust,

b You say, “Turn back, humankind.”

5. a For a thousand years in Your sight

b are but as yesterday when it is past,

c like a watch in the night.

6. a You engulf them with sleep,a

b in the morning they are like grass, renewed,

7. a In the morning it sprouts anew,

b by evening it withers and dries.


8. a For we are consumed in Your wrath,

b in Your anger we are overwhelmed.

9. a You set our transgressions before You,

b our hidden faults [revealed] in the light of Your face.

10. a All our days slip away in Your fury,

b we use up our years like a sigh.

11. a The days of our years [are] but seventy,

b or if in great strength, eighty years—

12. a Their span is trouble and grief,

b for swiftly [they are] cut down,a and we fly off.

13. a Who can know the power of Your wrath?

b As the fear of You, so is Your fury.


14. a So teach us to number our days,

b that we may get a heart of wisdom.

15. a Return, O Lord! How long?

b Have pity on Your servants.

16. a Sate us in the morning with Your kindness,

b that we may sing and rejoice all our days.

17. a Give us gladness, as the days You have afflicted us,

b the years we saw evil.

18. a Let Your deeds be seen by Your servants,

b Your glory by their children

19. a Let the favor of the Lord our God be on us.

b the work of our hands firmly founded for us,

c the work of our hands firmly found!