Column I

[Words (or Proverbs) of David (or of Solomon son of David), which he spok]e (or [wrot]e) by the wisdom God gave to him [to …

… to acquir]e wisdom and disci[pline,] to understand [ …

… ] to increase knowledge or wisdom].

Column II

[Blessed …

[Blessed …

[Blessed …

[Blessed …

[Blessed is he who speaks truth] with a pure heart

and who does not slander with his tongue.

Blessed are those who cling to his statutes

and who do not cling to her ways of perversity.

Blessed are those who rejoice because of her

and who do not spread themselves in the ways of folly.

Blessed is he who seeks her with pure hands

and who does not go after her with a deceitful heart.

Blessed the man who has attained Wisdom

and walks in the law of the Most High

and applies his heart to her ways,

who cherishes her lessons

and ev[e]r rejoices in her corrections,

but who does not repel her in the pain of [his] misfortune[s?] (or in the distress of tri[al?])

and in bad times does not abandon her

who does not forget her [in days of] terror

and in his humility of soul does not reproach [her].

Column III

Thus he thinks always of her

and in his misfortune he meditates on [the Law (?)

during al]l his existence on it [he reflects (?) and keeps it (?)] before his eyes,

in order not to go in the ways off the wicked (?)/folly/impiety (?) and

… ] his/her/its [ … ] together and his heart burns for her [ …

and a crown of pure] gol[d (she) will place on] his [he]ad

and with kings she [will make him] si[t down

and … by] his scepter on [ … and amon]g brothers he will deci[de

And now, (my) sons, listen to me

and] do not re[fuse the words of my mouth,

… ]