As I leafed through 20 years of BAR in writing the accompanying short history, I was struck again and again by the way effective design and presentation enhance what we do. The design is consistently creative, varied and clever. Much of this is due to our design director, Rob Sugar.

In the beginning, our design was done by the wife of a friend; after a year she was bored with what was essentially a paste-up job, not to mention dealing with the perversity of the Editor, so she gave us to a friend of hers, who did it for another year. That person then felt she needed to raise her rates from five dollars a page to $7.50—a massive increase that we could not afford. So she found us an American University undergraduate named Rob Sugar. Eighteen years later he’s still with us; I still can’t help but think of him as a college student, even though he is now long-married and the proud father of two lovely children, teaches design graphics to professionals around the country and owns a highly successful state-of-the-art design studio that has won numerous awards. A number of these awards are for work he has done for us.

Nothing is remarked on quite so much about BAR as its beauty. For much of that, we have Rob Sugar to thank.