“It is resolved by the religious members and God’s Sabbath keepers, by [the authority?] of the Sabbath keepers with regard to those in the synagogue [or “those who have gathered together”] to create an inscribed record excluding no one. But for those who do so, let them make a religious purification. If anyone wishes to deposit a curse against someone, may the one who wishes to do so be accursed. Protos says ‘Crown Dis Ibelion, the synagogue official.’ Of those who are cursed in the sanctuaries and of those inscribed upon the steles, let no one be accursed, nor excised from the record, nor dismissed, nor removed. And if anyone in this regard should deviate or sin against the Sabbath God, let them also make payment to the Sabbath God of one hundred drachmas, and to the Sabbath keepers one hundred drachmas, and to the city one hundred drachmas, and to the ruler (dynast) one hundred drachmas.”