The American School of Classical Studies at Athens offers summer programs for university students and secondary school teachers (Web page at

The British Institute of Archaeology at Ankara sponsors educational programs in Turkish archaeology (tel.:011 171 969 5204; e-mail:

College Year in Athens offers summer programs on ancient Greece for high school graduates (tel.: 617–868-8200; e-mail:

The Foundation for International Educational and Cultural Exchange organizes exchange programs in Italy, including a tour of ancient Italy for secondary school teachers (tel.: 602–342-9549; e-mail:

Duke University’s Intercollegiate Center for Classical Studies runs a study abroad program for students in ancient Italian history and culture (Kurt Olausen, tel.: 919–684-3083; e-mail:

The Netherlands-Flemish Institute in Cairo offers a seminar in Egyptian archaeology, papyrology and Coptic studies for university students and others interested in Egyptian history (Willem Harlem, tel.: 011 20 2 3322522; e-mail: