Upon thy grace and upon thy truth
In the name of Yahweh we shall do and succeed
Strong and mighty God blessed be thy name
And blessed thy kingdom / As thou overpowered the sea with thy horses
And hammered out the earth
With thy shoe / And as thou prevailest over
The trees in winter and the grass
Of the land in summer / Thus be [subjugated]
[—people of this village——]
Before Yossei the son of Zenovia / Let
My word and my command be upon them / As
The heavens are subjugated before God
And the earth is subjugated before mankind
And mankind
Is subjugated before death
And death is subjugated before
God / So shall the people
Of this village be subjugated
And defeated and subdued
Before Yossei the son of Zenovia
In the name of Hatoaa the angel
Sent before Israel
I make a sign / Zalach (success)
Zalach amen
Amen selah
Haleluyah (praise ye the lord)