Ruth Riddle escaped from the Mt. Carmel inferno on April 19 with a computer disk David Koresh had given her the night before to transcribe. Presumably it contained Koresh’s account of the opening of the first of the Seven Seals described in the Book of Revelation. It may tell us how likely it is that the tragedy at Waco could have been averted if the FBI had followed the advice of Bible scholars James Tabor and Phillip Arnold.

All of our efforts to obtain a copy of this disk or a transcript of what it contained have produced nothing but a runaround from the FBI. Washington told us to call Dallas. Dallas told us to call San Antonio (“but don’t hold your breath,” he said). San Antonio told us to call the Texas Rangers. The Texas Rangers said to call the FBI in Washington.

We wrote a FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) request to the FBI. The law requires that the FBI respond within ten business days. We now have a letter from the FBI. We’re too busy to comply with the law, it essentially says.

Whether the public will ever learn what the disk contains is questionable.