The Child Jesus Revives a Playmate

This work seeks to fill a gap in the canonical gospels: Jesus’ life between his presentation in the Temple as an infant and his visit to Jerusalem at age 12. The following excerpt describes his miraculous powers even as an infant.

Jesus was paying on the roof of a house. One of the children who were playing with him on the roof fell off and died. When the other children saw what had happened, they ran away and Jesus was left alone. The parents of the dead child came and accused Jesus of having pushed him. Jesus said, “I never pushed him.” But they threatened him anyway. Jesus jumped down from the roof and stood beside the body of the child and called out at the top of his voice: “Zeno,”—for that was his name—“get up and tell me whether I pushed you.” He stood up at once and said, “No sir, you did not push me down, but you did raise me up.” When the child’s parent saw this they were amazed, praised God for the sign that had occurred, and they worshipped Jesus.

Infancy Gospel of Thomas 9