Who has kept the commandment for ever?

All of mankind who exist are sinful.

I, your servant, have committed every sin.

I stood at your service, but turned to falsehood,

I spoke lies, I pardoned my own sins,

I spoke improper things, you know them all.

I committed offense against the god who created me,

I did an abomination, ever doing evil.

I coveted your abundant property,

I desired your precious silver.

I raised my hand and desecrated what should not be so


In a state of impurity I entered the temple.

Constantly I committed a terrible abomination against you,

I transgressed your rules in what was displeasing to you.

In the fury of my heart I cursed your divinity,

I have continually committed iniquities, known and unknown.

I went the full length of my wishes, I got iniquity.

Enough, my god! Let your heart rest.

May the goddess who was angry fully subside.

Release the pent-up wrath of your heart,

May your essence by which I swore be reconciled with me.

Though my iniquities be many, release my bond,

Though my transgressions be seven, let your heart rest.

Though my sins be many, show great kindness and cleanse me.

My god, I am exhausted, take my hand,

I fall to the ground, support my head.

I am an ox, I do not know the plants I eat,

I am a sheep, I do not know the absolution rite in which I

take part.

I am river water, I do not know where I am going,

I am a ship, I do not know at which quay I put in.

The iniquities, sins, and transgressions of mankind are more

numerous than the hairs of his head.

I have trodden on my iniquities, sins and transgressions,

which were heaped up like leaves.

On this day let them be released and absolved.

From Wilfred G. Lambert, “DINGIR.SA.DIB.BA Incantations,”Journal of Near Eastern Studies, Vol 33 (1974), pp. 283–285.