Herod the Great

20–4 B.C.E.

Emperor Augustus extends the realm of Herod (who served as the puppet governor of Judea since 37 B.C.E.) to include Banias and the lands north and east of the Sea of Galilee.


4 B.C.E.–40 C.E.

At Herod’s death, his kingdom is divided among three of his sons: Archelaus, Antipas and Philip. Philip is awarded Banias and the surrounding region.

Agrippa I

41–44 C.E.

Philip’s nephew Agrippa inherits the territory.

Roman Governor of Syria

44–53 C.E.

Rome deems Agrippa’s teenage son too young to rule Banias and temporarily gives the lands to the Syrian governor to watch over.

Agrippa II

53–c. 93 C.E.

When Agrippa II comes of age, he regains control of Banias.

Roman Governor of Syria

c. 93

Upon Agrippa’s death, Rome again places Banias under Syrian control, where it remained for many centuries.