Column 1

Column 1

aysrk µdq lpn trv yhl[[1

1 … up]on him rested. He fell before the throne

ûwnvw zygr hta aml[[l] akl[m2

2 … k]ing, [for]ever you are angry, and [your features] are changed

aml[ d[ hta alkw ûwzj a3

3 … your vision and you forever

a[ra l[ att hl[ ÷ybrb[r4

4 … the m]ighty. Affliction will come on earth

atnydmb br ÷wryvjnw5

5 … and great carnage among countries

÷yrx[mw] rwta ûlm6

6 … the king of Assyria [and Eg]ypt

a[ra l[ hwhl br7

7 … will be great on earth

÷wvmvy alkw ÷wdb[8

8 … will serve, and all will minister

hnkty hmvbw arqty ab[r9

9 … will be called [gr]eat, and by his name will be called

Column 2

Column 2

ayqyzk hnwrqy ÷wyl[ rbw rmaty la yd hrb 1

1 Son of God he will be called and Son of the Most High they will name him. Like the flashes

l[ ÷wklmy [÷y]nv ÷htwklm ÷k atyzj yd 2

2 that you saw, so will their kingdom be. They will rule for year[s] on

hnydml hnydmw vwdy µ[l µ[ ÷wvdy alkw a[ra 3

3 earth, and they will trample all. People will trample people and province, province

brj ÷m jyny alkw la µ[ µwqy d[ vacat 4

4 [vacat] until the people of God arises and all rests from the sword.

[÷]ydy fwvqb htjra lkw µl[ twklm htwklm 5

5 His kingdom will be an everlasting kingdom and all his ways in truth. He will jud[ge]

¹sy a[ra ÷m brj µlvl db[y alkw fwvqb a[ra 6

6 the earth in truth and all will make peace. The sword will cease from the earth

hlyab abr la ÷ydgsy hl atnydm lkw 7

7 and all provinces will worship him. The great God will be his patron.

÷hlkw hdyb ÷tny ÷ytt[ brq hl db[y awh 8

8 He will make war for him. He will give peoples into his hand and all of them

ymwht lkw µl[ ÷flv hnflv yhwmdq hmry 9

9 he will cast down before him. His sovereignty is everlasting sovereignty, and all deeps …