Born November 27, 1933; married, 4 children


B.A., Milligan College, 1955 (cum laude)

Ph.D., Harvard University (studied with G. Ernest Wright)


Professor of Near Eastern Archaeology and Anthropology, University of Arizona (1975–present)

Director, Nelson Glueck School of Biblical Archaeology, Jerusalem (1968–1971)

Director, W. F. Albright Institute of Archaeological Research, Jerusalem (1973–1975)

Field Experience

Director, Gezer excavations, Israel (1966–1971, 1984, 1990)

Director, Khirbet el-Kom excavations, West Bank (1967–1971)

Principal investigator, Tell el-Hayyat excavations, Jordan (1981–1985)

Assistant director, University of Arizona Expedition to Idalion, Cyprus (1991–present)

Books and Editorial Positions

Co-author, Gezer excavation reports

Co-editor, A Manual of Field Excavation (1978)

Author, Recent Archaeological Discoveries and Biblical Research (1990)

Editor, Bulletin of the American Schools of Oriental Research (1978–1984)

Editor, Annual of the American Schools of Oriental Research (1984–present)

Principal archaeology advisor, Anchor Bible Dictionary (1993)

Senior editor for Israel/Palestine, Oxford Encyclopedia of Near Eastern Archaeology (Current)


Guggenheim Fellowship (1981–1982)

Percia Schimmel Prize, Israel Museum (1982)