14th of Nisan
(Ending at Sundown)

15th of Nisan
(Beginning at Sundown)

Day of Preparation
for Passover.
Passover lamb
sacrificed in late

Passover holiday
begins and a festive
Seder meal is held at
night. Passover lamb
is consumed.

Matthew 26–27,
Mark 14–15
and Luke 22–23

Jesus and his disciples
prepare for Passover.

Jesus and his disciples
hold a Last Supper at
the time of the Passover
Seder. Jesus is arrested
that night.

He is killed the next morning, which is
the day of the 15th
of Nisan.

John 19

Jesus crucified while
the Passover lambs are
being sacrificed.

(The Last Supper is not
mentioned by John, but
it would have taken
place the night before
the crucifixion or even