This section will help you get started on finding an archaeological excavation that’s right for you, but there’s more on the Biblical Archaeology Society Web site at, which we developed to share excavation opportunities with our readers.

The chart below provides key information on 22 digs. On the Web you’ll find even more excavations and a full description of each site, the excavation’s goals for the coming season, important finds from past seasons, Biblical connections, profiles of dig directors, as well as photos of diggers at work and play. The right archaeological adventure for you might be just a click away.

Abila of the Decapolis Jordan June 15–Aug. 1 David Vila
Apollonia Arsuf Israel Aug. 6 –Sept. 7 Oren Tal
Ashkelon Israel June 9–July 21 Lawrence Stager, Daniel Master
Azekah Israel July 15–Aug. 24 Oded Lipschits, Manfred Oeming, Yuval Gadot
Bethsaida Israel June 3–30 Rami Arav
Hippos/Sussita Israel July 1–29 Michael Eisenberg
Jaffa Israel June 29–Aug. 3 Aaron Burke, Martin Peilstöcker
Kfar HaHoresh Israel June 24–Aug. 3 Nigel Goring-Morris
Khirbet el-Maqatir Israel May 26–June 9 Bryant Wood
Khirbet Qeiyafa Israel June 24–July 20 Yossi Garfinkel
Tall Jalul Jordan May 20–June 8 Randall Younker, Paul Gregor, Constance Gane, Paul Ray
Tel Akko Israel July 1–July 28 Ann Killebrew, Michal Artzy
Tel Bet Yerah Israel June 24–July 26 Rafi Greenberg, Sarit Paz
Tel Burna Israel June 10–30 Itzhaq Shai, Joe Uziel
Tel Dan Israel June 21–July 19 David Ilan, Nili Fox
Tel Gezer Water System Israel May 26–June 16 Daniel Warner, Tsvika Tsuk
Tel Hazor Israel June 24–Aug. 3 Amnon Ben-Tor, Sharon Zuckerman
Tel Megiddo Israel June 16–Aug. 2 Israel Finkelstein, David Ussishkin, Eric Cline
Tel Megiddo East Israel May 24–June 12 Matthew Adams, Jonathan David, Margaret Cohen
Tell es-Safi /Gath Israel July 1–27 Aren Maeir
Temple Mount Sifting Project Israel Continuous Gabriel Barkay, Zachi Zweig
Tiberias Israel June 24–July 20 Katia Cytryn-Silverman