(An excerpt from Palestine Speaks [1931], pp. 536–537.)

I believe that the Golden Ark of the Covenant, the world’s greatest and most valuable antique relic of all history, has been trailed to its lair (in my two years recent research work in the Holyland)—trailed to its last hiding place on Mt. Nebo where Jeremiah hid it 2544 years ago. In verification of this I offer both the historic as well as the prophetic data.

I have collected convincing evidence enough to make it hard not to believe not to believe that the Ark will return again to old Jerusalem. The return of the Ark would stagger the world; may change the belief of millions of people of all nations for the better; be the greatest blow skeptics ever received; and perhaps be the greatest modern proof of the authenticity of Holy Writ. The Tablets of Sinai written about 3525 years ago, now in the Ark, may bring to this whole world a feeling akin to Belshazzar, King of Babylon, on the night when he too saw God’s Handwriting” upon the walls of that famous city before its consummation, which made the King and all his nobles tremble with fear when that terrible warning: “Thou art weighed in the balance, and found wanting” stared them in the face.