l wdm’l bn grm’l bn nḫr bn ġrb h-ṣmd w ḏbḥ gml ‘l-h f slm yṯ‘ m-śn’ w ‘wr m ‘wr h-’sfr

By Wadam-El son of Garm-El son of Nakhr son of Ghorayb, at the high place, and he sacrificed a camel upon it so, O Yaythe‘, grant security from enemies and blind whosoever effaces these writings.

l bgt bn ‘dy bn lśms w nṣb w ḏbḥ

By Baggat son of ‘Ādeyy son of Le-Shams and he set up a cult stone and performed an animal sacrifice.

l lḥy h-nfst

This funerary monument belongs to Loḥayy.

l yġṯ bn tm bn kmd ḏ ’l ‘mrt w wgm ‘l-ṣ‘d w ‘l-ḫld ’ḫt-h trḥt

By Yaghūth son of Taym son of Komayd of the lineage of ‘Amarat, and he grieved for Sa‘d and for Khald his sister who had perished.