Where did Jesus meet Mary Magdalene? New Archaeological Discoveries

Where did Jesus meet Mary Magdalene? Archaeological explorations allow us to ask fresh questions. Now, excavations in Lower Galilee have revealed villages that were central to Jesus’ ministry: most notably Capernaum, Migdal, and Bethsaida. For the first time since 67 CE, we can enter a synagogue in which Jesus would have taught, as he was […]

The Apostle Paul and the School of Tyrannos

In order to evangelize Asia Minor, Paul realized that the work was much larger than what he could accomplish on his own. Thus, Paul began training others to carry on the ministry. Much of the idle time spent traveling the roads from city to city was devoted to training his companions. Later after Paul arrived […]

Two Inscriptions and a Text: With Paul in Aegean Turkey

In the excavations at Metropolis north of Ephesus, Turkish archaeologists uncovered two altars dedicated to Caesar that attribute a rare epithet to him. Paul uses the same word about Jesus in Roman 3:25. We will explore whether this is a new Pauline example of anti-imperial rhetoric. Acts 20:15 records that Paul on his return to […]

Shifting Orientations of Roman Galilee: the View from Archaeology

Historically, research on the Galilee region in the Roman period has primarily relied on texts written by Josephus or found in the New Testament. Due to archaeological excavations in the past few years, our knowledge of the Galilee during this period has been tremendously enhanced with surprising insights. This presentation surveys the previous knowledge derived […]

Wine, Feasting, and Frescoes: the ongoing excavation of a Canaanite palace at Tel Kabri, Israel

Excavations and survey from 2005-2015 at the site and environs of Tel Kabri, located in the western Galilee of modern Israel, have shown that the Middle Bronze Age Canaanite palace there is at least three times as large as previously thought, with much still remaining to be excavated. The palace is painted with what may […]

In the Words of Jesus: ‘Go to Galilee.’ Galilean Archaeology as a Basis for Matthew’s Jewish Gospel

This presentation seeks to fuse together two methods of scholarly inquiry (Biblical criticism, archaeological research) in order to show how the biblical scholar and archaeologist may both benefit from a close, fruitful dialogue that yields possible exciting new insights into the world of the Bible. It can be argued that some biblical scholars do not […]

The Archaeology of “Jewish Christianity”

Many scholars agree on the odd symbols found over the years: they represent the human imprint left by Jewish Christians. But some others like Biblical minimalists question whether the unusual strokes of a seemingly Latin cross aren’t merely remnants from a painter cleaning his brush. Professor Strange will enlighten you with stories and images from […]

The James Ossuary: Getting the Facts Straight

This lecture sorts through the major scientific, historical and archaeological issues related to the “James ossuary” controversy and the ongoing debate over its authenticity. We examine the variety of media and academic responses to the first-century bone box inscribed “James, son of Joseph, brother of Jesus,” and clarify what we know about the box and […]