Was Jesus Married to Mary Magdalene?
Mar 2018 By Mark Goodacre

Follow Mark Goodacre as he explores the latest research on Mary Magdalene—including the validity of the Coptic papyrus fragment The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife—and the role she plays in the early Christian texts.

Abraham and the Binding of Isaac
Jun 2017 By Ziony Zevit

Despite an appearance of simplicity, the Biblical narratives are often complicated stories. In the full-length video lecture “Abraham and the Binding of Isaac,” Ziony Zevit examines the context of one of the best-known narratives of the Hebrew Bible, enabling you to experience a worldview very different than our own. The Binding of Isaac (the Akedah), […]

Folk Tales and Biblical History
May 2015 By Alan R. Millard

Many of the stories from ancient Near Eastern literature are often labeled “folk tales” and are presumed to have no basis in reality—the Biblical texts are no exception. Many stories in the Bible are seen as allegories or folk tales. But when we read these stories, should we just simply label them “folk tales,” or […]