The Apostle Paul and the School of Tyrannos

In order to evangelize Asia Minor, Paul realized that the work was much larger than what he could accomplish on his own. Thus, Paul began training others to carry on the ministry. Much of the idle time spent traveling the roads from city to city was devoted to training his companions. Later after Paul arrived […]

Shifting Orientations of Roman Galilee: the View from Archaeology

Historically, research on the Galilee region in the Roman period has primarily relied on texts written by Josephus or found in the New Testament. Due to archaeological excavations in the past few years, our knowledge of the Galilee during this period has been tremendously enhanced with surprising insights. This presentation surveys the previous knowledge derived […]

The Archaeology of “Jewish Christianity”

Many scholars agree on the odd symbols found over the years: they represent the human imprint left by Jewish Christians. But some others like Biblical minimalists question whether the unusual strokes of a seemingly Latin cross aren’t merely remnants from a painter cleaning his brush. Professor Strange will enlighten you with stories and images from […]