Where did Jesus meet Mary Magdalene? New Archaeological Discoveries

Where did Jesus meet Mary Magdalene? Archaeological explorations allow us to ask fresh questions. Now, excavations in Lower Galilee have revealed villages that were central to Jesus’ ministry: most notably Capernaum, Migdal, and Bethsaida. For the first time since 67 CE, we can enter a synagogue in which Jesus would have taught, as he was […]

Ruth: King David’s Moabite Great-Grandmother

Why does Israel’s greatest king and future messiah have a foreign ancestress? Does the Book of Ruth have anything to do with the question of foreign wives in the period of Ezra and Nehemiah, or is the text really from the time of the Judges? How does the literary structure of the Book of Ruth […]

Elijah and Jezebel

Good versus evil, man versus woman, Elijah versus Jezebel. These two characters are juxtaposed in the text of 1 Kings, and this frames the way in which the reader understands the story. Elijah and Jezebel imitate and emulate each other despite being a mirror reflection. Polarity produces similarity, and Trible lays out the contrasts with […]


Miriam fulfills many roles in the few verses of the Bible that she occupies. She is often maligned in both the Biblical text and interpretation, but in contrast to this Trible highlights seven snippets that introduce readers to another depiction of Miriam as the deliverer of the nation.

Hagar, Sarah and Abraham

Trible pulls no punches as she takes you deep into the texts of the first family. See the characters of Hagar, Sarah and Abraham as you never have before. By exploring the original Hebrew, new dimensions within these Biblical relationships emerge that enhance and correct popular interpretations. This was part of the Chasing Canonical Characters […]


Using literary and feminist criticism, Trible throws away assumptions of what the Western world thinks of Eve and reinterprets her character, the creation of humankind and the development of human sexuality in a new way. This was part of the Chasing Canonical Characters DVD.