Happy Birthday, BR!

If Bible Review were a male Israelite, today it would leave adolescence behind and officially become an adult. That’s because with this issue, Bible Review turns 20—a significant milestone in the Bible. Twenty may well be the most overlooked number in the Good Book, however. Numbers like 7 and 40 seem to get all […]

Sister Wendy’s Top Twenty Biblical Paintings

To help us celebrate 20 years of BR, we asked the famous, beloved nun and art critic Sister Wendy to write about 20 of her favorite biblical (or Bible-inspired) paintings that have appeared in our pages over the years. Enjoy!—Eds. Biblical scholars may raise a pitying eyebrow, but I love BR almost as much […]

The Genesis of Genesis
Is the Creation Story Babylonian? By Victor Hurowitz

On December 3, 1872, George Smith, a former bank-note engraver turned Assyriologist, stunned the Western world by announcing that he had discovered a Babylonian story of a great Flood resembling the well-known account of the Deluge in the Book of Genesis. Four years later, Smith published a collection of Mesopotamian myths and heroic legends […]


Twenty Years That Have Passed
It seems like just yesterday. By Ronald S. Hendel
The Conversion of Saul