Unlikely Heroes
Women as Israel By Gary A. Rendsburg

Open your Bible at random and you will notice something striking: Female characters abound. And it’s not simply a lot of women, it’s a lot of strong women. These women are the antithesis of what we might expect from a patriarchal society. They are not passive, demure, timid and submissive, but active, bold, fearless […]

Jews and Christians
Seeing the prophets differently By Rolf Rendtorff

Christians typically view the Old Testament prophets as individualists, as religious geniuses and defiant rebels, driven by their own personal experiences with God, answering to no one, and obedient only to their own inner voice. In Jewish tradition, however, the prophets are enforcers of God’s law—or torah—on earth. The difference is so striking, one […]

The Search for Biblical Blue

Even as the first freezing drop of water trickled beneath our wetsuits, we knew that this dive would be historic. We checked our scuba equipment one last time, and then slowly descended into the deep blue waters off the ancient Mediterranean port of Akko, in northern Israel. Our goal: to find the small snail […]

From vigilante to lawgiver By William H.C. Propp

Moses’ brief and violent encounter with the Egyptian taskmaster in Exodus reads like a crime report or movie script:


What Difference Does a Century Make?
Maybe Solomon didn’t build the gate at Megiddo. So what? By Ronald S. Hendel
Gods and the One God
In antiquity, all monotheists were polytheists. By Paula Fredricksen