Dual Impressions

Only great art can be great religious art. But many of the religious masterpieces of the past remain inaccessible to us today because the style and content of these works of art are unfamiliar to our eyes and to our knowing. The iconography, that is, the imagery and symbols that were part of the […]

When Did God Finish Creation?

The first chapter of Genesis describes how God created heaven and earth and all that is therein, ending with the glorious fashioning of humankind on day six. Then, in Genesis 2:1, we read that “The heaven and the earth were finished; and all their array.” It is a bit surprising, therefore, to read the […]

When God Sleeps

The God of the Bible both rests and sleeps. In this, he resembles other ancient Near Eastern deities. The Hebrew theologians shared a mythic vocabulary with neighboring cultures, but the Hebrew theologians used this vocabulary to elevate their theology to spiritual heights previously unknown. Perhaps the most famous biblical instance of God resting occurs […]

Biblical Maps
How reliable are they? By J. Maxwell Miller

A biblical atlas contains maps showing hills, valleys, cities and villages mentioned in the Bible, but how are the locations of these ancient places determined? Perhaps an even more important question: How confident can we be of the accuracy of these locations? 034 The answer will vary, of course, depending the place involved. Of […]


My View
Supernatural experiences—more common than you think By Ben Johnson
Bible Lands
The Shephelah—guardian of Judea By Harold Brodsky