Neither heat, nor sun, nor dismal headlines can stop waves of volunteers from participating in digs in Israel and Jordan. This summer it can be your turn to find out why. In the following pages you can read about almost two dozen digs, all of which promise discoveries you will treasure for a lifetime. […]

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Where John Baptized
Bethany beyond the Jordan By Rami G. Khouri

It may or may not be the spot in the Jordan River where John the Baptist baptized Jesus, but Byzantine Christians seemed to think it was. And it’s not on the western shore of the river, but on the eastern shore—in modern Jordan. When it comes to locating places mentioned in the Gospels, the […]

The Secret Gospel of Mark
Is It Real? And Does It Identify “Bethany beyond the Jordan”? By Scott G. Brown

In the preceding article, Rami Khouri lays out the case for identifying Wadi el-Kharrar as the New Testament’s “Bethany beyond the Jordan,” the site where John baptized. There may be another piece of evidence strengthening that case—and it comes from a spectacular source: a long-lost passage from a “mystic” version of Mark’s gospel known […]

Radiocarbon Dating
How To Find Your True Love By Hershel Shanks

Are you single and looking for your true love? Someone thought the conference I recently attended at Oxford was the answer: Radiocarbon dating was the way to find the perfect match. Radiocarbon would identify just the right person for you. The story, of course, is apocryphal. The real purpose of the radiocarbon conference […]


Debate: Minimalists on Parade
An academic conference in Rome highlighted the positions of scholars who think the Bible has little or no reliable history.
First Person: Access Denied
The Israel Antiquities Authority is stonewalling By Hershel Shanks
Northern France (Gaul)


Israeli Supreme Court Blocks Removal of Temple Mount Rubble
Rebuff to Israel Antiquities Authority
A Good Look
Hi-Tech Peek at the “Priestly Blessing” Amulets
Bastiaan Van Elderen, 1924–2004
New Testament Scholar and Archaeologist By Edwin M. Yamauchi