Six Biblical Signatures
Seals and seal impressions of six biblical personages recovered By Tsvi Schneider

Hebrew University professor Nahman Avigad, the world’s leading authority on Hebrew seals, lamented that “among the hundreds of Hebrew seals and seal-impressions dating from biblical times known up to now, not one of their owners can be identified with absolute certainty with a person mentioned in the Bible.”1 That was in 1978. Today, […]

Eroticism and Infanticide at Ashkelon

This is part III of a three-part article. Part II appeared in the last issue (“Why Were Hundreds of Dogs Buried at Ashkelon?” BAR 17:03).

Beauty and Utility in Bone
New light on bone crafting By Paula Wapnish

In the last issue of BAR, Larry Stager described the unique dog cemetery discovered at Ashkelon in the Persian period.a Another unique aspect of the Persian period (538–332 B.C.) strata at the site is the quantity of worked animal bones—not only finished artifacts but also bones at various earlier stages in the manufacturing process […]

Herod’s Lady’s Earring?

“Something shiny caught my eye,” Dan Rodriguez recalls, reliving his moment of discovery. In June 1989, the 34-year-old Rodriguez—a pastor from Santurce, Puerto Rico—was walking down the steep path from the top of Herodium. He had just accompanied a group of Spanish-speaking students on an archaeological study-tour to this palace-fortress of Herod the Great, […]

The Past Meets the Future: Reconstructing with Computers

Archaeologists working around the globe are discovering that ancient artifacts and architecture may now be better understood by applying advanced computer technology. Computers can give archaeologists invaluable assistance with mapping and creating models, cataloging and performing statistical analyses. Some archaeologists are even taking portable computers right into the trenches, though more are using them […]