Two Prominent Israeli Scholars Assess One of the Most Controversial Aspects of Biblical History

After its sojourn in Egypt, Israel came to Canaan, all agree that by the time the Israelite monarchy was established in its eternal capital Jerusalem, the land was Israel’s.

Is the Biblical Account of the Israelite Conquest of Canaan Historically Reliable?

There are essentially two views of the Israelite occupation of Canaan. The first conforms in its main outlines to the Biblical view; that is, the Israelite occupation was initiated by several lightning military attacks on major Canaanite cities and was followed after some time by Israelite occupation of adjacent areas thus subdued. (The […]

How Inferior Israelite Forces Conquered Fortified Canaanite Cities

For over 50 years now, a school of thought associated with the names of the great German scholars Albrecht Alt and Martin Noth has espoused a particular view of what is described in the Bible as the Israelite conquest of Canaan. This view that there was no conquest but, in fact, a peaceful […]

Archaeological Stumpers
Mysterious tomb offerings challenge the imagination

BAR readers suggested some imaginative, useful and even humorous functions for the puzzling clay tootsie-rolls that were found at Biblical Lachish (“Mystery Find at Lachish,” BAR 05:05). There is a difference, however, between the Lachish tootsie-rolls and the archaeological stumpers which follow. The Lachish tootsie-rolls are unique. There are no parallels. They have not […]

BAR Jr.: On the Surface

If archaeology is anything, it is excavation. What archaeologists do is dig. Their trademark is the pick. They also use the shovel, patishe, trowel and other instruments to remove earth so they can find out what is underneath. Yet some things are on the surface. Right there on the ground. And that’s what I […]

Jerusalem Couple Excavates Under Newly Built Home in Search of Their Roots
Residence to become museum to display finds By Leroy Aarons, Goldie Feinsilver

“Pouring into the alleys [of the Upper City], sword in hand, they massacred indiscriminately all whom they met, and burnt the houses with all who had taken refuge within. … running everyone through who fell in their way, they choked the alleys with corpses and deluged the whole city with blood, insomuch that many […]

BAS Photo Contest

Long after the memories of heat and discomfort have faded, participants in the Biblical Archaeology Society six-week Israel Summer Seminar will cherish their photographic records of the summer’s experiences and adventures. Upon their return to the United States, the Israel summer seminarians submitted their photographs and slides to the Biblical Archaeology Review photo contest. […]