Major Players

New Chief Editors Emanuel Tov. A brilliant young scholar from Hebrew University. Whether he is an effective administrator remains to be seen. Recently published a fragmentary scroll of the 12 minor prophets in Greek.

Silence, Anti-Semitism and the Scrolls

Did you ever wonder what the dean of Harvard Divinity School does with his time? He attends meetings—all day—at least when a senior member of his faculty gives a virulently anti-Semitic interview to the press.

When Canaanites and Philistines Ruled Ashkelon

Ashkelon. The summer of 1990. The sixth season of the Leon Levy Expedition, sponsored by the Harvard Semitic Museum. In the waning days of the season, on the outskirts of the Canaanite city, we excavated an exquisitely crafted statuette of a silver calf, a religious icon associated with the worship of El or […]

Tiberias: Preview of Coming Attractions

This is the story mostly of what will be rather than what has been. It is a report on what we hope to do more than what we have already done. It tells of the tantalizing clues that keep us awake nights wondering what we will find. It is the story of a […]

When 5,613 Scholars Get Together in One Place—The Annual Meeting, 1990

A maturing generation of brilliant young scholars went far toward making the 1990 Annual Meetinga a resounding success. Many of these young scholars are women.


Who Controls the Scrolls?
In the land of Kafka, where the Marx Brothers rule