Biblical Archaeology: Whither and Whence
Looking back with Eric and Carol Meyers By Hershel Shanks

Duke professors Eric and Carol Meyers gained national prominence when they discovered the Torah ark at Nabratein, Israel, in 1981. But that’s only part of their story. On December 22, 2014, I sat down and talked to them about their past 40 years in Biblical archaeology.

The Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament

What do the Dead Sea Scrolls tell us about the New Testament? One possible answer is: Nothing.

Has Jesus’ Nazareth House Been Found?

What was Nazareth like when Jesus lived there? The evidence is sparse but intriguing.

Is It Possible to Protect Our Cultural Heritage?

We all condemn looting. But there is little talk about what can effectively be done about it. Telling people not to buy what may be looted antiquities makes the authorities feel good but has virtually no effect on looting.