Forced Resettlement and Immigration at Tel Hadid

When Assyria ruled supreme, it forcibly removed the ancient Israelites from their homeland and settled a new people group in their place. Explore discoveries related to these new deportees—and more—at Tel Hadid. This article includes a special supplement, Digging Deeper at Tel Hadid, to understand the site like the experts do.

How Old Are the Oldest Christian Manuscripts?

The earliest Christian manuscripts are almost never dated explicitly, and scholars must rely on technical analyses and circumstantial evidence to establish probable dates. Learn about the uses and abuses of the dating techniques.

What’s in a Name? Personal Names in Ancient Israel and Judah

Explore how ancient Israelite and Judahite personal names—collected from archaeological materials—contribute to the study of the Bible’s historicity.

The Scarab: The Idol That Rolls in Dung

The Hebrew Bible uses expressions of disgust to warn the Israelites against gentile idolatry. Is it possible that the rare biblical word gilulim (“idols”) refers specifically to the Egyptian sacred dung beetle, known as the scarab?


First Person: What Does Archaeology Say about Effective Peace Treaties?
Ancient history can tell us a lot about what works and what doesn’t when it comes to successful treaties By Robert R. Cargill