We Haven’t Seen the Last of the Scrolls

Kibbutznik Baruch Safrai is not the only one who believes that additional scrolls lie undiscovered in collapsed caves. This view is shared by many scholars, including two of the most prominent members of the original publication team, Professor Frank Moore Cross of Harvard University and Professor John Strugnell, also of Harvard University and formerly chief editor of the scroll publication team. Both men expressed themselves on a recently released video entitled “The Enigma of the Dead Sea Scrolls.”

“I think I can say there are still scrolls, mostly in collapsed caves,” said Cross. “One day these will come to light. It will be very exciting!”

Strugnell noted that “every 25 years or so, the Jordan Valley is torn apart by earthquakes. That’s when I expect old collapsed caves to be opened. That’s when I expect certain manuscripts to come to light.”

As Safrai points out, however, we don’t need to wait for an earthquake to recover what may still lie undiscovered in some of the caves.—Ed.