Hear, all ye patricians and common folk in its multitude! I did these things by the design of my heart, and no indolent one could sleep because of me! While I restored what had decayed, I annulled the former privileges [that existed] since [the time] the Asiatics were in the region of Avaris of Lower Egypt!

The immigrants (shemau) among them disregard the tasks which were assigned to them, thinking [that] Re’ would not consent when the deified [i.e. her father Thutmosis I] assigned the rulership to my majesty! when I was established over the thrones of Re’, I became known through a period of three years as a born conqueror. And when I came as king [i.e. became king myself], my uraeus [i.e. symbol of royal power] threw fire against my enemies!

And when I allowed the abominations of the gods [i.e. these immigrants] to depart, the earth swallowed their footsteps! This was the directive of the Primeval Father [lit., father-of-fathers, i.e. Nun, the primeval water], who came one day unexpectedly.

Just as it does not happen that a command of Amun is destroyed, my inscription will last like the mountains! As long as the sun shines and throws rays on the titulary of my majesty, my name as ruler will be elevated—forever!

(This translation is by Professor Goedicke.)