Period Area
(in acres)
The Jebusite City and King David (c. 1000 B.C.) 12 2,000
King Solomon (c. 930 B.C.) 32 5,000
King Hezekiah (c. 701 B.C.) 125 25,000
Return from Exile (c. 333 B.C.) 30 4,500
The Hasmoneans (2d century B.C.) 165 30,000–35,000
Herod the Great (c. 4 B.C.) 230 40,000
Before the Destruction of the Second Temple (c. 66 A.D.) 450 80,000
Justinian (c. 565 A.D.) 300 55,000–60,000

Old Testament Abstracts—A Valuable New Journal

Old Testament Abstracts, published by the Catholic Biblical Association of America, began publication in February. It promises to be a useful new tool for serious students and scholars.

The Abstracts summarizes materials from hundreds of books and periodicals and keeps readers in touch with new developments, such as the discoveries at Ebla.

The Abstracts covers the usual Old Testament field as well as archaeology, epigraphy, philology, ancient Near Eastern history and geography, theological themes, key words, and intertestamental and apocryphal literature.

The journal will appear three times each year; the next issues are planned for June and October. Subscriptions cost $11 for one year and may be ordered by writing to:

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