One 20th-century poet, not without reason, found the Rachel/Leah struggle a hopeless dilemma, which she describes with sadness and satire:1


My father came and bid me stay,

Enjoined the women bar my way.

And dumb to all entreaty, led

My sister Leah in my stead.

Where Jacob waited for his bride.

I heard the revelry subside,

The guests depart. I slept alone,

Dreamt Leah slept beneath a stone.


My father did it to be kind,

And I who knew the dark was blind.

Who loved in silence, hoped, believed,

But Jacob mocked me, Rachel grieved.

And kinsmen turned away in scorn.

I grazed the flock, I shucked the corn.

Fled Jacob’s wrath. Fulfilled, reviled,

When autumn came, I bore his child.