His majesty speaks to his generals:

“That wretched enemy [the Canaanites] … has come and has entered into Megiddo. He is there at this moment. He has gathered to him the princes of every foreign country which had been loyal to Egypt, as well as those as far as Naharin and Mitanni …”

Then the generals speak:

“What is it like to go on this road which becomes so narrow? It is reported that the foe is there, waiting on the outside, while they are becoming more numerous. Will not horse have to go after horse, and the army and the people similarly? Will the vanguard of us be fighting while the rear guard is waiting here in ‘Aruna [a small town in Nahal Iron], unable to fight? Now two other roads are here. One of the roads—behold, it is to the east of us, so that it comes out at Taanach. The other—behold, … will come out to the north of Megiddo. Let our victorious lord proceed on the one of them which is satisfactory to his heart, but do not make us go on the difficult road!”

But Thutmose replied: “I … shall proceed upon this ‘Aruna road!”

And the results:

“Then his majesty issued forth at the head of his army … He had not met a single enemy. Their southern wing was in Taanach, while their northern wing was on the south side of the Qina Valley … Thereupon his majesty [Thutmose] prevailed over them [the Canaanites] at the head of his army. Then they saw his majesty prevailing over them, and they fled headlong to Megiddo with faces of fear. They abandoned their horses and their chariots of gold and silver …”