Is Teshub oppressed [literally, “bound”], that he requires release?

Should Teshub be pressed for money,

we shall each give him a shekel of silver,

half a shekel of gold, a shekel of silver we shall give;

should Teshub be hungry,

we shall each fill a measure of barley,

half a measure of emmer we shall fill, a measure of barley;

should Teshub be naked, we shall each clothe the god with a garment;

should Teshub be parched,

we shall each give him a flask of oil,

and we shall restore him from his need, the god.

We shall save him, Teshub, from his oppressor,

but we shall not grant the release,

Megi, your heart will not rejoice.

Your heart, on the one hand, will not rejoice,

and on the other hand, Purra’s will not rejoice;

the people of Igingallish we shall not release.

If we release them, who would feed us?

They are cupbearers, waiters, cooks, and dishwashers.

The spinning …

If you want a release,

release your slave, release your slave woman,

give away your son in the street

and send your wife to her father’s (house)!

You, Megi, stay from ourselves the fate[?] for Ebla!