Why Doesn’t God Answer Prayers?
How the First Christians Dealt with Divine Silence By Jerome Murphy-O’Connor

We are told that God hears our prayers. Then why doesn’t he listen? The most consoling words in the New Testament are, “Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you” (Matthew 7:7 = Luke 11:9). The absolute assurance of this promise is something everyone […]

Caleb the Dog
How a Biblical Good Guy Got a Bad Name By John S. Crawford

It’s hard to imagine any parents calling their child Dog. But that’s just what the Bible tells us Jephunneh and his wife did: They named their son Caleb—from klb, the Hebrew root for “dog.” Is it just an unfortunate appellation? Or did the biblical authors have a reason to identify this great leader, who […]

The Golden Calf
Made by Man...or God? By Victor Hurowitz

While Moses was up on Mt. Sinai receiving the first edition of the Ten Commandments, the people down below grew impatient and asked Aaron, Moses’ brother, to make them another god to lead them. Aaron instructed the people to rip off their gold earrings, which, the text tells us explicitly and unambiguously, “he made […]

Is Psalm 45 an Erotic Poem?

You probably know the old joke about the psychiatrist who gave his patient a series of Rohrschach tests. The patient identified every single inkblot pattern as depicting a man and a woman copulating. The doctor then pronounced his official diagnosis: “You, sir, are obsessed with sex!” “But, Doc, you’re the one with the dirty pictures!”


A God of Love and Justice
Jesus has more in common with the God of the Old Testament than popular belief has it. By Mary Joan Winn Leith
Was Paul a Pro-Slavery Chauvinist?
Making sense of Paul’s seemingly mixed moral messages. By Ben Witherington III
Bible Books
Searching for Something More By Stephen J. Patterson