At last, almost all of the Dead Sea Scrolls have been transcribed, transliterated, translated and either published or nearly published. But as soon as this task is accomplished, scholars are faced with a new challenge: How can they improve the text of the Hebrew Bible, or Old Testament, based on insights from the scrolls?

Combine the Best from Each Tradition

I believe that we are ready for a new critical edition of the Hebrew Bible.

Keep Each Tradition Separate

As one of those “reluctant” scholars whom Professor Hendel describes as “all too often averse” to creating an eclectic text of the Hebrew Bible, I would like to clarify that my reluctance stems not from any aversion, but from long experience.1 For nearly 40 years, I have been deeply involved in the discipline of […]

The private man behind the public leader By J. Daniel Hays

Solemnly ascending Mt. Sinai, angrily smashing the Tablets of the Law, boldly parting the waters of the Red Sea—these are the images of Moses we know best. But what about the personal life of the man who led Israel from Egypt to Canaan? A person’s private life can be as telling as the public—if […]

Extra! Extra! Philistines in the Newsroom!
David’s battle with Goliath rages on as reporters enhance their stories with biblical quotes By Leonard J. Greenspoon

Pity the poor newspaper writer. Every day he (or she) must grab the reader’s attention, convey something newsworthy in a fresh way and do it all in the space of a few inches of type. Is it any wonder that newspaper reporters and editors reach for the Bible? But when newswriters pick up […]


How Pharaoh learned his lesson in Nineveh By Hershel Shanks
Discovering Women in Scripture
Creating a dictionary of biblical women poses a unique challenge for the editors: How can they alphabetize the hundreds of unnamed women? By Carol Meyers
The Resurrection of Resurrection
Christianity was born into a world where one of its central tenets, the resurrection of the dead, was widely recognized as false—except, of course, by Judaism. By N. T. Wright
The Penitent St. Jerome
Books in Brief
Picturing the Bible