The Shunammite Woman
In the shadow of the prophet? By Burke O. Long

I would like to explore a single episode—or pericope—involving the prophet Elisha, not so much to understand it better (although I certainly want to), but, more importantly, as a basis for discussing what I believe is an important new trend in biblical studies—the shift from the text to the interpreter. Increasingly, scholars are […]

Circumcision of Gentile Converts
The root of hostility By Jack T. Sanders

The seminal historical circumstance in the hostility between Christians and Jews was, I believe, the conflict over whether gentiles could be converted to Christianity without undergoing circumcision. Until that conflict, Christianity and Judaism were not seen as diametrically opposed to each other. Jesus and his followers did not seek to establish a new […]

Drama of the Exodus

I used to wonder what would happen if a Polish pope challenged the Evil Empire. Could a Polish pope return to his homeland, stand before the Iron Curtain, proclaim “Let my people go” and win? Or even live? Amazingly, a scant decade later, the question has been rendered moot. Not only is it […]