Dig Now 2002

Archaeology is not a spectator sport. It is slow and precise work, requiring long hours of dirty toil in punishing heat. Peanuts and Cracker Jacks are not served; no cheerleaders or marching bands entertain. Spectacular finds, the archaeological equivalent of home runs and touchdowns, occur, but irregularly. The team has no stars to clinch […]

A Watermelon Named Abimelech

Then Abimelech went to Thebez … Within the city was a strong tower and all the people of the city fled to it, all the men and women, and shut themselves in; and they went to the roof of the tower. And Abimelech came to the tower and fought against it, and drew […]

Moab Comes to Life

We unexpectedly found a Moabite temple, the first of its kind ever discovered, during an excavation in 1999.

Return to Aroer
A trip through the ages with the ageless Avraham Biran By Steven Feldman

051 “Do you see those pottery sherds?” asks 92-year-old Avraham Biran as he points with his cane to the sun-baked earth of Aroer, an ancient site in the northern Negev. Not until I crouch close to the ground can I distinguish the reddish brown sherds from the stones and pebbles that cover the […]


Jerusalem’s Russian Compound By Kathleen Ritmeyer, Leen Ritmeyer
First Person: Temple Mount Wall in Danger
Bulge appears near area of Muslim construction By Hershel Shanks
Amaravati, India