Digs 2020: 8 Stops in Northern Israel

Starting in the Jezreel Valley and traveling to Upper Galilee, explore eight excavations in northern Israel. These digs are literally uncovering the ancient world and rewriting history.

Another Temple in Judah!
The Tale of Tel Moẓa By Shua Kisilevitz, Oded Lipschits

A puzzling discovery of an Iron Age II temple at Tel Moẓa, only 4 miles outside of Jerusalem, challenges the biblical claims that King Hezekiah centralized worship at Solomon’s Temple in Jerusalem and eliminated all rival shrines. In reality, the Tel Moẓa temple fits into the greater economic and administrative context of Judah and reflects an advanced level of localized civic administration in the early ninth century B.C.E.

How Magic and Miracles Spread Christianity

In the early centuries of the Common Era, Christianity spread throughout the Roman world—gaining Jewish and polytheist converts alike. Magic and miracles played a significant role in the dissemination of this new, revolutionary religion.