Locating the Original Temple Mount

Somewhere on Jerusalem’s majestic Temple Mount—the largest man-made platform in the ancient world, the size of 24 football fields, nearly 145 acres—Herod the Great (37–4 B.C.) built a new Temple to the Israelite God Yahweh,a doubtless on the very spot where the exiles returning from Babylonia more than 500 years earlier had rebuilt […]

Against All Odds: Elie Borowski Builds His Museum
Neither inflation, nor intifada, nor the unwillingness of others to share his dream could stop this man. By Suzanne F. Singer

Elie Borowski impatiently thrusts aside questions about the cost of the Jerusalem Bible Lands Museum that will open on May 10, 1992. “It is unholy to the mission to speak about money. Just say it is nes min hashamayim (a miracle from heaven). Right away, from its opening, it will be one of the […]

Not So Up-to-Date in Kansas City

I am old enough to remember when you had to ask the reservation clerk at the hotel if the room had a private bath. Sometimes it didn’t. Sometimes it had no telephone, either. I don’t ask those questions anymore. So I failed to ask the clerk at the Radisson Suite Hotel in Kansas City […]

The Baptism of Jesus and a New Dead Sea Scroll

Photographs of several previously unpublished Dead Sea Scroll fragments appeared in “A Messianic Vision,” BAR 17:06, including one entitled “A Messianic Vision” (translated by Robert Eisenman). A clearer picture of this fragment may be seen in plate 1551 in A Facsimile Edition of the Dead Sea Scrolls, published last November by the Biblical Archaeology […]

How Bible Translations Differ

To the uninitiated, the Bible is the Bible. To get one, you go to a bookstore and ask for a Bible. Readers of BAR know better. The English-speaking student of the Bible is blessed with dozens of translations in hundreds of editions. What distinguishes them one from another?