Potter’s Field or High Priest’s Tomb?

About a half mile south of the Old City of Jerusalem—at the southeast end of the Hinnom Valley, near where it joins the Kidron Valley east of the city—is one of the most impressive, important, yet largely unknown archaeological sites in the Holy Land. Oddly, the site is not even listed in the […]

Resting Place of the Rich and Famous

Plunderers, probably in ancient times, looted the Akeldama tombs described in the previous article. Not a single artifact remained when archaeologists entered those tombs: Only the chambers themselves, with their decorative elements, survived. In 1989, however, we discovered three cave tombs in Akeldama that had lain undisturbed for nearly 1,500 years and were […]

MMT as the Maltese Falcon

049 Qumran Cave 4-V: Miqsat Ma’ase Ha-Torah. Discoveries in the Judaean Desert X

Paul, “Works of the Law” and MMT

The usual translation of Miqsat Ma‘ase Ha-Torah—MMT—obscures its relationship to Paul’s letters. This Dead Sea Scroll and Paul use the very same phrase. On March 15, 1988, as part of my duties as the new graduate research assistant to Professor Ben Zion Wacholder, I climbed the three flights of stairs of the Klau Library […]

For This You Waited 35 Years
MMT as reconstructed by Elisha Qimron and John Strugnell

i [The sixteenth (day) of it (i.e. the second month) is a Sabbath]. The twenty-third of it is a Sabbath. The thirtieth [of it is a Sabbath. The seventh of the third (month) is a Sabbath. The fourteenth of it is a Sabbath. The fifteenth of it is the Festival of Weeks. The […]

The “House of David” and the House of the Deconstructionists
Davies is an amateur who “can safely be ignored” By Anson F. Rainey

In response to Philip R. Davies’s brief article (“‘House of David’ Built on Sand,” BAR 20:04), a few observations are in order. Apart from the details of the Dan (and now the Mesha) inscriptions, there is a wider issue that concerns both Bible students and teachers. Davies represents what he and a circle of […]

Revolution in Bible Study
Put a library at your fingertips By Steve Hewitt

Imagine if you will a new super Bible. Once you open it, you can do marvelous in-depth study without opening any other book. Suppose you want to study Genesis 13, where Abram and Lot arrived at the plain of Jordan and Lot chose to possess land toward the city of Sodom. Opening this new […]

Kanesh (Kültepe, Turkey)