Reinterpreting John
How the Dead Sea Scrolls have revolutionized our understanding of the Gospel of John By James H. Charlesworth

Before the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, many scholars considered the Fourth Gospel—the Gospel According to John—to be a mid-to-late-second-century composition inspired by Greek philosophy. Today, 45 years later, a growing scholarly consensus finds John to be a first-century composition. More surprising still, it is perhaps the most Jewish of the Gospels. Elements […]

John’s Anti-Jewish Polemic

In the previous article, Professor Charlesworth calls the Gospel of John the most Jewish of the Gospels. This means, not that it is pro-Jewish or sympathetic to Jewish interests, but that it is by and about Jews acting in a Jewish environment. In fact, the Gospel of John is also probably the most anti-Jewish […]

Rings of Gold—Neither “Modest” Nor “Sensible”

Several passages in the New Testament discourage Christian women—and men—from adorning themselves with gold rings. But by the time the Christian movement became more secure—and wealthier—one Church father said gold rings were all right—at least for limited purposes.

What Are Pagan River Gods Doing in Scenes of Jesus’ Baptism?

From its earliest days, one of the most popular scenes in Christian art has been John the Baptist baptizing Jesus in the Jordan River—and understandably so. Jesus’ baptism is a central moment in the Gospel narrative. The standard cast of characters in the baptism scene includes the Baptist, Jesus and the dove of the […]

Was Eve Cursed?
(or did a woman write Genesis?) By Adrien Janis Bledstein

In a recent popular book entitled The Book of J—for a period in 1990, it was on the best-seller list—Harold Bloom argues that the biblical author known to scholars as J was a woman. J is the name scholars give to what is probably the oldest authorial strand of the Pentateuch; J stands for […]


Promised Land
In the presence of native Americans who lost their land to invaders, I took a new interest in those forgotten peoples of the Bible who were dispossessed by the fulfillment of God’s promise to the Israelites to give them “a land flowing with milk and honey By Bernhard W. Anderson
The Passion Narratives and the Roots of Anti-Judasim
The difference in date between Passover and Easter is only the external sign of a division between Jews and Christians that has resulted in the darkest chapters of Christian history. By Helmut Koester
Hebrew for Bible Readers
Tackling an extended passage By Keith N. Schoville
Greek for Bible Readers
Conjugations: Present and future active indicative By David Alan Black