The Paleographer: Demonstrably a Forgery

Was it too good to be true? In recent months, the world learned of an inscribed tablet apparently written by Jehoash, the ninth-century B.C.E. king of Judah. But almost immediately, questions were raised about its authenticity. After examining the text of The Jehoash Inscription, Frank Moore Cross, professor emeritus at Harvard and America’s leading […]

The Linguist: Hebrew Philology Spells Fake

The language of The Jehoash Inscription is fake. It is not idiomatic ancient Hebrew but rather a perversion of it. If authentic, it would be a phenomenal find. But clearly it is not a genuine artifact. To be declared authentic, any inscription that has not been excavated under controlled conditions by professional archaeologists must […]

Fool The Experts
Make a convincing fake and win $10,000!

Object: To make a facsimile of The Jehoash Inscription that will fool the experts.

Mounds of Mystery
Where the Kings of Judah Were Lamented By Gabriel Barkay

At the beginning of the 20th century, when Jerusalem, still centered around its ancient core, was surrounded by agricultural land and orchards, 20 mysterious earth-and-stone mounds rose above the city’s western horizon, clearly visible from afar. Today several of them have disappeared, flattened by excavation or by the development of new neighborhoods. But these […]

The “Three Shekels” and “Widow’s Plea” Ostraca: Real or Fake?

One of the most astounding inscriptions to surface in recent years records a donation of three shekels to the Temple of the Lord (Beyt Yhwh) in Jerusalem. It is written on a broken piece of pottery (called an ostracon) and dates somewhere between the ninth and seventh centuries B.C.E. Another ostracon, apparently from the […]

Spending Your Way through Jewish History
Ancient Judean Coins Tell Their Story By Sandy Brenner

Coins, ancient and modern, facilitate the flow of commerce. But their usefulness does not end there. Coins are also effective tools of mass communication—to disseminate propaganda. This was especially important in the ancient world, before television or even the printing press. Thanks to this second role, coins also provide considerable historical information. And they […]


Reassessment: Just Another Israelite Village
Zertal Badly Misinterprets His Site, Finkelstein Claims By Hershel Shanks
Critique: Review Damns BAS’s Ancient Israel
What do you think? If the great Albright still “lives,” is that a compliment or a criticism? By Alexander H. Joffe
First Person: Create a Fake and Win $10,000
Biblical Archaeology Society announces new competition By Hershel Shanks
The Mistress of Stratigraphy Had Clay Feet
Kathleen Kenyon’s Flawed Jerusalem Excavation By Hershel Shanks
Nimrud, Iraq